Audio Postcard: Westminster

Today in our series of post cards from Vermont towns we tag along with a group of local residents on a Sunday hike to the pinnacle in Westminster led by ecologist Tom Wessels.

Audio Postcard: Marlboro

Today in our series of audio postcards from Vermont towns, we visit the hills of Marlboro, where at this time of year, music seems to pour from every open window on the Marlboro College Campus.

Audio Postcard: Wilmington, VT

The Mountain Mills is a 55-passenger cruise boat that tours the Harriman Reservoir in Wilmington. It’s named after the little logging community that disappeared in the 1920s when the Deerfield River was dammed to generate power. VPR’s Susan Keese paid a visit to Wilmington to see the boat close-up.

Mental Health Parity

The Vermont House has passed legislation to strengthen the state’s mental health parity law. We talk with Rep. Mike Fisher who supports the measure. Also, we talk to Justice of the Peace Zeke Church about the job of marrying couples, and our series of audio postcards from Vermont towns takes us to Reading, population 707.

Audio Postcard: Glastenbury

The town of Glastenbury is located in the Southwest corner of Vermont. It has only a handful of fulltime residents, and over time has developed a reputation as a ghost town. VPR’s Susan Keese brings us this audio postcard from Glastenbury.

Audio Postcard: Londonderry

We continue our series of audio postcards from Vermont towns with a visit to the Windham County town of Londonderry. To tell our story, we’ve chosen a few transplants – some more deeply rooted than others, but all engaged in activities that are vital to the town.

Audio Postcard: Shaftsbury

We continue our series of audio postcards from Vermont towns with a visit to the Bennington County town of Shaftsbury. Shaftsbury was once home to Robert Frost, who lived there from 1920 to 1939.

Decriminalization of marijuana

A bill in the Vermont Senate would reclassify possession of 4 ounces of pot as a civil offense, not a criminal one. We talk with people on both sides of the issue about whether marijuana should be decriminalized. Also, a Stowe movie director prepapres to release his documentary about Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, and an audio postcard from Athens, Vermont.