Democratic lt. governor’s race

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The Primary Election is Tuesday, September 9, and there are two Democrats vying to be their party’s candidate for lieutenant governor: Tom Costello of Brattleboro and Nate Freeman of Northfield.

This primary campaign is a race that hasn’t received much attention from voters or the media, and we’ll find out who these candidates are, what they would do as lieutenant governor, and why each wants to be the one who challenges incumbent Republican Brian Dubie.


Note: Throughout the election season, VPR will be hosting debates among the major party candidates for statewide offices.

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Comments from listeners:

Susan in Rutland:
Child abuse is a very highly charged issue and the Republicans are appealing to people’s knee-jerk reactions. What we need to hear from the Democratic candidates is why the Republicans’ solution of Jessica’s Law is not the best way to go. Please explain the trauma for children of having to testify in court when the offender demands a trial. 

Jeremy in Danville:
I think what we need to keep the youth here is to create an environment where we can compete on a global market. With that said, we need cell coverage and high speed internet in 100% of the state and I think we need someone to follow through on the Green Valley Initiative. What will these two do to make this happen? 

Michael in Middelbury:
I have heard very little about either of these candidates, but I am wondering what either candidate will do for young people in this state, specifically those who are in their 20’s and 30’s and are struggling to live in this state? I am a Democrat, but to be honest I hear our party focusing on extraneous matters besides affordable housing, economic development, and other issues that impact the cost of living in this state. I am getting tired of hearing our party in the legislature talking about Global Warming and the War in Iraq while us 20-somethings are forced to leave this state.

Recently I was talking to a 32 year old and a 28 year old who both want to buy a home in this state…their first home. They can scrape together the money to get a mortgage and make a downpayment, but they can’t move forward because the taxes are in excess of $5,000. Both of these guys have college degrees and good paying jobs, but can’t afford to buy a starter home, let alone pay the taxes in this state.

What are you going to do to refocus the Legislature on affordability and economic issues rather than on issues that should be discussed in DC?  

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