‘Death With Dignity’ Bill Emotional And Contentious

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One of the most emotional and
contentious bills in the Statehouse right now would allow terminally ill
patients to get a prescription to legally end their own lives. Supporters call
it Death with Dignity, opponents call it physician assisted suicide. Lawmakers
took testimony on Wednesday, but there is no guarantee the bill will make it to
the floor for a vote this year. We talk to Senator Dick Sears, who is opposed
to the bill, and Senator Diane Snelling, who co-sponsored it, about this emotional
issue, and why it may not get a full debate in the state Senate.

Also on the program, we talk
with Chip Darmstadt, Executive Director of the North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier, about this year’s early start to the amphibian
migrations around the state. In the spring, many species of frogs and
salamanders make their way from higher ground down to the vernal pools where
they mate. This year, with the mild winter carrying over to a mild spring,
amphibians are on the move earlier than normal. We learn about what species are
migrating and how citizen scientists can help protect critters from becoming
casualties on Vermont’s roads.

And we visit the First Congregational Church in Hartland, also known as the Brick Church, for a taste of "Hartland’s Famous Roast
Beef Suppers." For
nine consecutive Saturday nights each winter, you’ll find long lines
of hungry diners at the church, which has been serving these roast beef suppers since 1966.



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