Allan Hobson And The Science Of Dreams

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J. Allan Hobson is known for his revolutionary research on dreams, and his controversial dismissal of Freudian dream theories and psychoanalysis. 

Hobson argues that Freud’s work was purely speculative because Freud didn’t have the scientific tools available today.  He says dreams are not veiled expressions of our subconscious so much as the work of our conscious mind – and that the meaning of dreams isn’t as hidden as most people believe.

Today, Hobson is retired on his farm in East Burke, but he’s still writing and talking about his life and ideas.  We talk with him about dream research and the insights it provides into the workings of the brain. 

Information on Hobson farm open house, Sunday, July 24.


Also, this summer the Vermont Folklife Center is exhibiting the work of three photographers who’ve spent decades creating iconic images of traditional life in Vermont. We hear from folklorist Greg Sharrow and photographers John Miller, Peter Miller and Richard Brown about the Visions Of Place exhibit.

The photographers and Folklife Center will discuss the exhibit Saturday, July 23 at the Sheldon Museum in Middlebury. Details are here.

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