Agency of Human Services Secretary Rob Hofmann

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There’s been a shake-up in leadership at several Vermont
state agencies since Governor Douglas won re-election.  One of the biggest changes came when Rob
Hofmann left his post as Corrections Department Commissioner to take over as
head of the Agency of Human Services. 
That’s the state’s largest agency and it provides services to the most
vulnerable people.  We hear what
priorities Hofmann has for the agency, and what challenges he expects to
face. (Listen)

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Also, as Thanksgiving approaches we turn to the idea of
gratitude.  Gregg Krech runs the ToDo
Institute in Monkton, where he guides people through the Japanese practice of
Naikan, as a way to recognize gratitude. (Listen)

And, the National Day of Listening envisions a new holiday
tradition in which we sit down with loved ones on the day after Thanksgiving
and record a meaningful conversation. 
The idea came out of the StoryCorps project. In honor of the upcoming day,
we listen back to a StoryCorps conversation between Governor Madeleine Kunin
and her brother (pictured right), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and former Vermont politician, Edgar May.

Click here to watch the Madeline May Kunin and Edgar May audio slideshow

As part of this national project, we want to hear from you.  If you participate in
the National Day of Listening, email us about your experience, or send us a
recording of your interview.  In an
upcoming Vermont Edition episode we’ll listen to some of the conversations that
happened throughout the region.

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