40 Years After The National Cancer Act

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On December 23, 1971, President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act and declared "war on cancer." The act was meant to strengthen the National Cancer Institute, which was established in 1937.

Dr. Claire Verschraegen, director of the Vermont Cancer Center, and Dr. Mark Israel, director of Norris Cotton Cancer Center, discuss what advancements have been made since the act was signed and what research is being conducted locally. We also hear how awareness campaigns have helped in the fight against the disease.

Also on the program, Vermont Law School has released its second annual Top 10 Environmental Watch List, spotlighting the nation’s most critical environmental law and policy issues of 2011. Professor Pat Parenteau discusses the list and how the issues might play out in 2012.

Plus, we received a large amount of lighting questions during our recent program on new lighting options. Donna Leban, a South Burlington-based architect and lighting designer, provides answers.

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