2012 Year In Review: Haiku Edition!

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In a way, haiku poems are the original ‘tweets’. They’re short distillations of impressions, observations and insights.

As we close out 2012, we’re looking for your summary of the year in haiku form. 

Just as there was plenty to tweet about in 2012, there is much that lends itself to haiku.  Politics, the weather, sports, and personal trials and triumphs are rich with haiku possibilities. Vermont Poet Geof Hewitt and poet and VPR jazz host Reuben Jackson join us to talk about haiku and power of poetry.

(A typical haiku is made up of three lines, with a first line of five syllables, a second of seven syllables and a final line composed of five syllables, but who’s counting?   For more on haiku see this Wiki page.)

Here are a few sample 2012 haikus:

Two Thousand Twelve. Wow.
Election. Sandy. And more.
Share yours in haiku

Epic summer. Endless.
Sunflowers arise. Surprise.
Lost to frost in Fall.

Politics chatter
Like a confetti mountain
Blowin’ in the wind

Also, former New York Times reporter and VPR commentator Martha Molnar talks about her new book "TAPROOT: Making A Life On Prairie Hill", an account of her move from New York City to Vermont. 

And VPR Classical host Walter Parker shares a recent studio performance by Vermont musicians flutist Laurel Ann Maurer and pianist Claire Black.


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