Demand For Specialty Food Prompts New Food Processing Centers

The increasing number of Vermont specialty food producers – many of them farmers – is creating a demand for facilities where they can make their products. A new business in Chittenden County is the latest food processing center to come on line – and there are more in the planning stages.

Crowd-Funding Platforms Hope To Target Investors

Crowdfunding has taken off. Kickstarter is the best known crowdfunding site, but there are hundreds of online platforms like it. They enable entrepreneurs, artists and others to pitch an idea for a project and collect donations to finance it. But the day is coming when crowdfunding will be targeted to investors as well as donors.  

Cash For Gold Dealers Grapple With New Law

State Police say last week’s arrests in a case involving the theft of more than $200,000 worth of coins from an Alburgh home were the result of a recent law intended to help them track down stolen jewelry. But authorities say some of the area’s cash for gold dealers are ignoring the law and making it easy for thieves to sell stolen jewelry.