Vermont’s Current Use Program

In 1978, Vermont legislators created the Use Value Appraisal Program, designed to help preserve undeveloped land and to create greater equity in property taxes. Thirty years later, 65% of the state’s agricultural land is enrolled. This coming session, the legislature is set to re-examine the program based on recommendations from a task force. We look at how well the program has worked for Vermont, and how it could possibly change.

Some good news in teen ‘risky behavior’ report

Vermont teenagers are smoking and drinking less than they were eight years ago. That’s the good news in the latest survey of risky behavior among the state’s youth. The bad news is that they smoke more marijuana than the national average, and have a relatively high rate of binge drinking.  

Vt police challenged by increase in illegal drug use

Outgoing Public Safety Commissioner Kerry Sleeper says the biggest challenge facing Vermont’s law enforcement community is curtailing the growing impact of illegal drugs. Sleeper says additional state and or federal resources are going to be needed to successfully deal with the problem.