Rockingham Voters Approve Spending Increase

Voters in Rockingham held the "floor" portion of their town meeting Monday night. They scrutinized their level-funded budget in a mood of caution due to the sluggish economy. Then, in a surprise move, they voted to spend more.

Town Meeting Day 2010 Special

VPR’s 90-minute special with news, results, and analysis of Town Meeting Day 2010 in Vermont.  Link through to VPR’s full online coverage.

Wilmington To Decide Fate Of Pergola

On Town Meeting Day, voters in Wilmington will attempt to settle the fate of a decorative structure that’s become a flash point in town. It’s called the "pergola."  And some people in Wilmington want to get rid of it.

Isle La Motte Uses Restitution For Tax Cut

 Isle La Motte residents voted overwhelmingly Saturday to use one-hundred-thousand-dollars that had been paid as restitution by former Town Clerk and Treasurer Suzanne LaBombard to cut the property tax rate.

Addison County Towns To Vote On Unified Union

A group of Addison County towns will vote on Town Meeting Day whether to merge their school boards and possibly save money. Voters considered and killed the idea five years ago. But supporters say, with increasing costs and declining programming, this might be the year to try again.

Rutland To Vote On Term Limits

Besides city budgets, voters in Rutland will also decide the fate of several bond initiatives at town meeting next week. One bond would fix the library and another, more costly one, would move and improve the city’s recreation department.  Local voters will also decide whether to impose term limits on local leaders.