Anti-Narcotics Bill Coming Together

Spurred by stories of addiction from across the state, lawmakers this week are voting out of committees a wide-ranging bill aimed at minimizing the effects of opiate use on the health and safety of Vermonters.

States Net Millions In Drug Settlement

Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire will get a total of $9.6 million as part of a nationwide settlement between the drug company Johnson & Johnson and dozens of states.

Colchester Drug Arrest

Two men are facing charges of selling prescription painkillers following a three-week investigation by Colchester police.

Vt. House, Senate Differ On Police Access To Drug Database

One of the key issues facing lawmakers before adjournment involves access to the state’s prescription drug database by law enforcement officials. The House is insisting that the police get a warrant from a judge before using the database but the Senate is arguing that the warrant isn’t needed.