In the midst of gloom, one aid group has good news

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(Host) One of Vermont’s leading social service organizations says there’s some good news in the midst of all the economic gloom.

The Vermont Food Bank says it successfully raised enough money last month to meet the increased demand that it’s seen.

The Food Bank warned that its donations were falling behind even as the number of people looking for help rose.

December is the most important time in the Food Bank’s budget year. Co-chief executive Christine Foster says a burst of donations at the end of the month put the Food Bank over its 800-thousand dollar goal.

(Foster) “I think that this wavering economy makes us ask ourselves some big questions. If I have $5 to give to an organization or $5 left at the end of the week, am I going to use it for my own benefit or am I able and am I willing to share that money to do some socially responsible action. And I’m thinking that people really looked and asked those questions because the gifts were very generous.”

(Host) The Food Bank provides food to 109 food shelves across the state. Foster says her agency will continue to raise money throughout the year. But the December success means she’ll be able to meet the annual budget.

(Foster) “for us to be able to meet our fund-raising goal means that those agencies, those food shelves in communities will be able to get the types of food that they want and the amount of food that they need in order to feed the people in their towns.”

(Host) Foster says the Food Bank’s fund-raising goal for December was 20 percent higher than last year because of the increased demand.

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