Health Care Advocates Worried About Increased Costs Under Exchange

In his Budget speech last week, Governor Peter Shumlin said that Vermonters enrolled in Catamount Health Care won’t face additional financial burdens when the state’s new health care exchange goes into place next January.  But some health care advocates say the Governor is following through on only half of that pledge.

Health Care Exchange Software Unveiled

Lawmakers have gotten their first look at the computer software that will be used to implement Vermont’s Health Care Exchange later this year.  Creators of the program are modeling it after popular travel websites.  

Breastfeeding and Insurance

You may think breastfeeding is automatic- not something mothers and babies have to learn how to do. In fact, a lot of new mothers struggle with breastfeeding.  The Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to cover visits with lactation consultants.  We’ll learn about what exactly lactation consultants do.

Shumlin Administration Says Health Exchange On Track

The Shumlin administration says it’s on track to put the state’s health care exchange in place in October of 2013. The exchange, which is a key part of the federal Affordable Care Act, is where all individuals and small businesses will purchase their health insurance beginning in January of 2014.