Gubernatorial candidate Gaye Symington

Democratic candidate for governor Gaye Symington discusses the key issues facing the state’s economy. A report on how downtown Rutland has recovered from flooding in summer rainstorms. And a bonsair grower reveals the art of cultivating tiny trees.

Midday Newscast: October 23, 2008

Political analysts and Governor Jim Douglas’ challengers wonder how the economy will affect the gubernatorial race; University of Vermont officials are dealing with an outbreak of illness on campus that made at least 60 people sick; more…

Stalling economy becomes issue in gubernatorial race

The financial headlines are big news in the gubernatorial race as the challengers try to blame incumbent Governor Jim Douglas for the state’s hard times. But Douglas says he has the experience and the fiscal discipline to guide the state through the economic downturn.

Quarter of GOP primary voters skipped over Kenney

The New Hampshire Republican nominee for governor–  Joe Kenney — got 93 percent of the vote in last week’s primary. Kenney was running unopposed. But more than a quarter of Republicans casting ballots skipped the governor’s race entirely.