State Loses Another Legal Round In Vt. Yankee Relicensing

A federal court has handed the state of Vermont another loss in its ongoing challenge to Vermont Yankee’s operating license. The Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington rejected the state’s arguments that the new 20-year license was invalid because Entergy Vermont Yankee failed to get a new water quality permit.

Vermont Yankee End Date Comes, And Goes

Wednesday marks the date that Vermont Yankee’s original 40-year operating license ends. But supporters and opponents of the nuclear power plant are enmeshed in legal and regulatory proceedings about extending the license, and the plant continues to produce electricity.

Entergy Wants Prompt OK To Operate For 20 More Years

The head of the Entergy Corporation says the company will seek state permission to operate the Vermont Yankee plant for another 20 years. Entergy CEO Wayne Leonard says a recent ruling by a federal court means the state should issue a new permit without delay.