Condos Seeks Timelier Reporting

Secretary of State Jim Condos says he wants to require city and town clerks to report election results to his office on election night.

Will Super PACs Spend in Vermont?

Both incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin and his Republican challenger Randy Brock say they would support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United.  And both Shumlin and Brock are also rejecting an agreement that could help keep most super PAC money out of their election.

Congressman Peter Welch

Congressman Welch was elected to his second term with 84 percent of the vote this week. He takes your phone calls on the new balance of power in Washington. Also, news analysis of statewide election results, and the voices of and reactions from election night in Vermont.

Day after: Election Recap

On the day after the election, we bring you all of the results– from the presidential race to Vermont’s governor’s race, to individual legislative races.  And, we want to hear from you.  Email your thoughts and reflections on Election 2008 to