Financial aid and paying for college

As financial aid decisions are on the horizon for many families, we talk with the head of VSAC about paying for college, and how Vermont’s key student assistance organization is fairing in the financial markets. Also, how Calvin Coolidge capaigned (or didn’t) for the presidency, and a food hub may help keep growing food manufacturers local.

VT Edition interview: Shortage of shingles vaccine

On Monday, the Vermont Department of Health announced that it had run out of a free shingles vaccine it was distributing at its Burlington District Office. Jane Lindholm talks with Don Swartz, Medical Director for the Vermont Department of Health, about the vaccine and the illness it’s designed to prevent.

Interview: Don Metz, “Confessions of a Country Architect.”

Don Metz is an architect with a view. After graduating from the Yale School of Architecture, when many students gravitate to lucrative commercial firms, Metz opted instead to open a small country practice in the Upper Valley. He has built his reputation as a maverick architect and a pioneer in sustainable housing, and is a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. Metz recounts his experiences in his new memoir, "Confessions of a Country Architect." The book contrasts the sometimes loopy requests of wealthy clients with the earthy wisdom of native contractors, and provides insight into a career devoted to building dreams. Don Metz lives in Lyme, New Hampshire. He spoke with VPR’s Neal Charnoff.

Teaching 9/11

From The 2007 VPR Archive – Six years after the 9/11, the attacks are taking their place in history. We talk with teachers about how they present the facts of that day to their students and why there is no standard curriculum about 9/11.