The Governor’s Race

As the contest begins to heat up, we’ll look at the issues affecting the race for governor, and talk about how the candidate’s campaigns are shaping up. We’ll also hear from three visiting foreign students about their impressions of Vermont. And we’ll hop aboard a Dragon Boat.

Secretary of State Deb Markowitz

Bob Kinzel talks with Secretary of State Deb Markowitz about two election-related bills that have been vetoed, and their implications for the November election. VPR’s Ross Sneyd analyzes the top stories this week, and we listen back to some of the voices in the week’s news.

Pollina will stay in the race

Progressive Anthony Pollina told supporters at a rally this afternoon that he’s committed to his gubernatorial campaign. He rejected suggestions that he run for lieutenant governor.

VT House sustains Governor’s veto

The House has voted to sustain Governor Douglas’s veto of a campaign finance reform bill by a one-vote margin. Backers of the the legislation said it’s needed to keep big money out of Vermont politics, but opponents argued that it gives incumbents an unfair advantage.

Welch says he hopes super delegates don’t decide Democratic nomination

Congressman Peter Welch says the Democratic Party runs the risk of alienating a lot of voters if the presidential candidate who wins the most elected delegates isn’t chosen as the Party’s nominee for the fall election. Welch, who’s a super delegate supporting Senator Obama, says he’ll be very disappointed if the super delegates play the deciding role in the nominating process.