Focus On Brattleboro

Over the past several years, Brattleboro has had its share of setbacks. We broadcast live from the new Brattleboro Food Co-Op to get an update on how the town has been dealing with the recent challenges.

New Brattleboro Film Fest Debuts This Weekend

The First Annual Brattleboro Film Festival debuts Friday at the Latchis Theater. The event’s co-founder, who worked previously on the Brattleboro Women’s Film Festival, says there is clearly an appetite for more independent films in town.

Early Voting Up In Parts Of Vermont

Interest in early voting is very high is several parts of the state. In some communities it’s expected that as many as a third of all voters will cast their ballot before Election Day.

A Bright Future For Brooks House

In Brattleboro, two dreams have moved closer to reality. One is the dream of restoring the Brooks House, an important downtown building, gutted by fire in 2011. There’s also the dream of a downtown college campus that would bring students and jobs to Brattleboro’s Main Street.