FEMA Delay Pits Brandon Couple Against Bank Of America

Eighty-one property owners in the state who were especially hard hit by Irene remain in a sort of financial limbo. They were the first accepted into FEMA’s hazard mitigation buyout program – but they are all still waiting for the money. It’s a delay that’s pushed many to the breaking point, including Brandon residents Linda Bunn and Mary McManus.

Brandon Says Mural Must Come Down

Earlier this month, a resident of Post Mills came under fire for building a 25-foot dinosaur in his yard from wood scraps. He called it creative expression. His neighbors weren’t so sure.  In Brandon, it’s a painting of sunflowers that’s stirring up debate. Its creator and many locals say it’s art. Town officials say it’s a sign and needs to come down.  

Brandon Approves New Shopping Center

Brandon residents may get a bigger grocery store just south of town. But according to a ruling just released by the town’s Development Review Board, the rest of the proposed shopping center may be in doubt.   

Brandon Divided Over New Retail Development

Brandon residents are deeply divided over a new retail development that’s being proposed south of town. Proponents say it will provide a better grocery store, encourage economic growth and create jobs.  Critics say it will destroy Brandon’s historic village center.

Brandon opens historic community center

At a time when state welcome centers are closing, the town of Brandon will soon open a new one – the Stephen A. Douglas Birthplace Community Center. Townspeople have spent over two years restoring the historic home of Abraham Lincoln’s famous political rival.  

Vermont Tubbs lays off 90 workers

Vermont Tubbs can trace it roots back 168 years.  That’s when William F. Tubbs began using steam to bend ash into snowshoes and skis.    The company opened its furniture factory in Brandon in 1996. Next Thursday that factory will close its doors for good, leaving over 90 employees wondering what’s next.   VPR’s Nina Keck reports.