Vermont Tubbs will close its furniture factory

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(Host) Vermont Tubbs, which traces its beginnings to 1840, will be closing its furniture factory in Brandon on July 17th.

More than 90 employees will be affected.

Toby Alger, a supervisor who’s worked for Vermont Tubbs for 20 years, says the news has hit hard.

(Alger)It breaks my heart horribly to see it happen. Because when we put years of service it’s not just coming to work every day for a pay check. You enjoy what you do. Every piece of furniture that these people build gets a signature put on it. Not a stamp not a brand. It gets signed by the actual person building it with the date that it was built. That’s how much pride we have in our product, so it breaks everybody’s heart to see it happen.

(Host) State Department of Labor employees were on hand today to help employees find new jobs and services.

The new owners, Brownstreet Furniture, bought Vermont Tubbs’ assets and name, but will use its plant in Whitefield, New Hampshire.

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