BirdNote: Night Singers

This Whip-poor-will is a true night bird–feeding, mating, and nesting in the dark. But a few songbirds that are active during the day also sing at night.

What Lewis And Clark Saw

When Lewis and Clark headed West, they came upon savannahs as far as the eye could see, covered with herds of bison, elk, antelope and deer. What birds might they have seen?

BirdNote: Great Horned Owls Nest

Great Horned Owls nest in winter, because the owlets, which hatch after a month of incubation, must remain near their parents a long time compared to many other birds.

New! BirdNote

The first episode of BirdNote on VPR is about starlings.  They can be a pest at our bird feeders, but loved by many.  Be sure to watch the video of a starling murmeration.