New! BirdNote

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BirdNote is a new weekly feature on VPR.  We’ll learn about birds from
around the world and hear their songs.  Listen at 8:57 on Saturday

You may have seen huge flocks of starlings in the sky – or had them descend on your bird feeders and eat everything in sight.  The European Starling has been maligned as a pest and "invasive species."  In this week’s program, we’ll learn about fans of the starling, including Mozart.

Starlings bring remarkable beauty to the skies in a phenomena called a murmuration.   You can find photos and videos of spectacular murmurations on the web, including this one.

By the way, Project FeederWatch, sponsored by Cornell and National Audubon, begins November 12th.  Project FeederWatch makes it possible for scientists to track the movements of birds and understand trends in population and distribution. 

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