Molten Iron Takes Shape In Burlington

Artist Michael Nedell recommends the Pine Street Studios Iron Pour, Alison Dezotelle raves about the Celebration of Expressive Arts, and Peggy Kannenstine previews BookStock.

Making Movies, Finding Audiences In Vermont

We talk with a few Vermont filmmakers about how they get their films funded, made, and distributed. We also have an interview with Peter Diamondstone, Socialist candidate for Senate. And VPR’s John Dillon explains the Vermont Attorney General’s lawsuits over campaign finance violations.

Painter Woody Jackson’s Cows

Vermont artist Woody Jackson’s black and white cows have traveled all over the world-on the sides of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream trucks and containers, on T-shirts, and note cards. Those cows are what many people envision when they think about Vermont. Jackson joins us to talk about his artwork and inspiration.

Why so Blue?

The solid mass of "blue states" in the northeast spells concern for Republicans and we examine what can be learned from these trends. Also, issues of social class are explored through a theater performance, and artists transform old books into sculptural pieces in a provocative exhibit.

VT Edition Interview: Colin Robinson and Art Woolf on Getting By

There’s a big difference between earning minimum wage and making enough to live comfortably, or even make ends meet.  Many Vermonters struggle while making much more than minimum wage. Colin Robinson is director of the Vermont Livable Wage Campaign. Art Woolf is an associate professor of economics at the University of Vermont and principal in Northern Economic Consulting. They spoke with VPR’s Jane Lindholm about getting by on low wages.

Vermont photographer celebrates photo booth experience

Everyone knows the photobooth experience. You sit down, alone or with some friends, the machine snaps some pictures, you wait a tantalizing three minutes, and out pops the strip of photos, saved for posterity. Vermont photographer Nakki Goranin celebrates this medium in her new book, "American Photobooth". Goranin spoke with VPR’s Neal Charnoff.