The Bird Songs of April

The month of April inspires poets, sometimes with contradictory results. Let April speak for itself. Listen to the birds.

Climatologist explains warm April sun

Many of us are getting our first real taste of spring this week with sunshine and temperatures in the 60s, and even 70s, across much of the state. Climatologists say there’s a reason the sun feels warmer at this time of year – and gardeners should take advantage of it.   VPR’s Nina Keck has more.

Tax advice to meet the April 15 deadline

The deadline for filing taxes looms large on the calendar. On the next Vermont Edition, we get advice from the pros. Also on the program, a court decision reaffirms the rules about who’s responsible for libelous information posted to blogs and other web sites. And a few teens get the thrill of meeting their snowboarding heroes at the U.S. Open at Stratton.

Abenaki bands protest recognition process

Three bands of Vermont Abenaki Indians say they’re insulted by a proposal to address problems with a 2006 law that recognized Abenakis as a minority population, but not as a tribe.