House Committee Endorses Idling Ban

Vermont is the last state in New England without a law that prohibits excessive car and truck idling. But legislation recommended by a House committee on Friday could soon mean fines for Vermont motorists who leave their cars running for more than five minutes.

House Votes 98-44 to Decriminalize Marijuana

Supporters of decriminalizing – or even legalizing – the possession of small amounts of marijuana have cleared a major hurdle. The Vermont House voted 98-to-44 on Friday to make it a civil offense – instead of a crime – to possess one ounce or less of pot.

Congolese Man Teaches Dance And Music Of His Native Culture

The Vermont Folklife Center’s Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program has been focused on helping Vermont’s immigrant communities preserve the traditions of their home countries. For one Congolese man, that’s meant teaching young people the dance and music of their native culture

Regional Report: Bio-Methane Plant Proposed In Salisbury

A natural gas pipeline in Addison County is attracting attention of property owners along the proposed route. And it’s not Vermont Gas’s proposal to extend its pipeline south to Middlebury. A Montpelier-based company wants to build a bio-methane gas production facility at a farm in Salisbury and then build a pipeline to send that gas to Middlebury College.