Selecting A CSA

Is a CSA right for you?  Ric Cengeri and Candace Page share their experience and advice. 

Creating Community

This week, Sally Pollak talks with Ric Cengeri about the many ways that food is the catalyst for creating community.

Baked Beans At The VPR Cafe

This week on the VPR Cafe, Ric Cengeri talks with free lance writer Melissa Pasanen about the New England Tradition of baked beans – and how we bake them.

Maple By Any Other Name?

Maple Sugaring season is fast approaching. On this first episode of the VPR Cafe, Ric talks with Candy Page about what the new international maple grading system means for producers and consumers. She also brings us into Ginger Isham’s kitchen in Williston where maple is king.