Live Friday at Noon: Jim Boggia

Boggia would spend hours in his room, as a child, listening to records and trying to emulate the sounds on his guitar. Born legally blind in his left eye and the sight in his right eye receding over the years, his ears have become a powerful tool. Since then he has collaborated with the likes of Aimee Mann, Juliana Hatfield and Bernadette Peters.

Live Friday at Noon: Jenny Scheinman

Singer-songwriter, violist and composer Jenny Scheinman has numerous high-profile arranging credits, having worked with the likes of Lucinda Williams, Bono, Lou Reed and Sean Lennon. Scheinman has four releases of original music under her belt, and you can hear her live today at noon.

Live Friday at Noon: Melody Gardot

While recovering from a serious accident, singer-songwriter Melody Gardot used music for recovery therapy recorded and released Worrisome Heart, which brings to mind Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell and Eva Cassidy while fusing blues, folk and jazz. Melody performs Live Friday at Noon on VPR.net

Live Friday at Noon: Mutlu

Mutlu’s music is a blend of soul, reggae, hip-hop, and Brazilian jazz deriving inspiration from Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Bob Marley, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Mutlu recently toured with Joe Jackson and had the opportunity to open for Daryl Hall.

Live Friday at Noon: Carly Simon and Yael Naim

With the success of two Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and her eternal hit "You’re So Vain," Hall of Famer Carly Simon recently released her 24th album, This Kind of Love. Simon will be joined in a live performance by Singer/Songwriter Yael Naim, the first Israeli solo artist to have a top ten hit in the US.