Capitol Steps Politics Takes A Holiday New Year’s Edition

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Help us roast 2012
to a crisp with The Capitol Steps and their annual year-in-review awards
ceremony called "Politics Takes a Holiday!"  This year will feature all
new awards, such as:

"Best Use of $3 billion Dollars to Run for President," "Worst Place
in Public to Admit You Had a Binder Full of Women," "Most Prostitutes to
Ever Fit into the Secret Service’s Hotel," and "Worst Hair Cut Ever to
Demand to See Anyone’s Birth Certificate, Much Less the President’s."

Go ahead, post on Facebook (hopefully you didn’t invest in it) and
tell your friends all about it!  If there is anything Congress can agree
on, it is The Capitol Steps’ one hour long special will have you
laughing harder than Joe Biden at a Vice Presidential debate.

So laugh away at 2012, because unlike any Presidential election, laughter is free.
Learn more about The Capitol Steps.

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