New Year’s Day from Vienna

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Franz Welser-Most conducts this year’s edition of the Vienna New Year’s Day concert, featuring waltzes, polkas and other works primarily by the Johann Strauss family, played by the Vienna Philharmonic.

Listen at 11am on VPR Classical.

Josef Strauss Die Soubrette, polka schnell, op. 109

Johann Strauss Jr. Kuss-Walzer, Op. 400

Josef Strauss Theater-Quadrille, op.213

Johann Strauss Jr. Aus den Bergen, waltz, op. 292

Franz von Suppe: Light Cavalry, overture

Josef Strauss Sphährenklänge (¿Music of the Spheres¿) waltz, op. 235

Josef Strauss Die Spinnerin, polka française, op.192

Richard Wagner, Prelude to Act III of Lohengrin

Joseph Hellmesberger, Unter vier Augen (¿In Confidence¿), Polka-mazur

Josef Strauss: Galoppin, polka schnell, op. 237

Joseph Lanner: Styrian Dances, op. 165

Johann Strauss Jr. Melodien Quadrille, op. 112

Giuseppe Verdi: Prestissimo, ballet music from Act 3 of ‘Don Carlo’

Johann Strauss Jr., Where the Lemon Trees Bloom, waltz, op. 364

Johann Strauss Sr. Memories of Ernst, or the Carnival of Venice, Fantasy, op. 126

Josef Strauss Plappermäulchen, Polka schnell, Op. 245 3:00

Johann Strauss Jr., The Beautiful Blue Danube, Waltz, op. 314

Johann Strauss Sr.: Radetszky March, Op. 228

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