Young Writers Project: Thoughts Colored Blegh

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Luna writes: "Although I’m lucky to be going to a friendly, supportive school, I hear lots of stories about other schools where situations are a bit more bleak. This inspired me to write the poem, adding a reminder at the end that sometimes the darkest times and the happiest times can exist side by side."

Thoughts Colored Blegh
by Luna Skeet Browning
Grade 9, Sharon Academy



Sidewalk colored stone leads to

                                                                crowded classrooms

                                                                students layered against each other,

                                                                surrounded by too many papers

                                                                with halfhearted scribbles on

                                                                facts and definitions

                                                                that no one will remember

                                                                the next day.


Door colored grey leads to

                                                               semi-clean stalls

                                                               holding memories, secrets,

                                                               years of crying people

                                                               and angry people

                                                               and hormonal people

                                                               and probably screwed people

                                                               who tested a positive pink plus,

                                                               and there are also unforgiving fluorescent lights,

                                                               that pounce on every blemish

                                                               and steal self-esteem by the bucketful.


Website colored blue leads to

                                                               frenzies of public likes

                                                               and secret dislikes,

                                                               of commentary on a life that

                                                                nobody wants to hear about

                                                                of pictures that are declarations of insecurity

                                                                and casual snapshots titled with song lyrics

                                                                that try too hard.

                                                                It leads to fake laughter and hidden emotions

                                                                and confessions made easier

                                                                by the fact that no one

                                                                has to look each other in the eye.


Heart colored red leads to

                                                              hopes and dreams,

                                                              sometimes nurtured and sometimes

                                                              crushed by the weight of the world,

                                                              to futile glances at people who

                                                              have been deemed “out of bounds”,

                                                              to fear and desperation,

                                                              to slammed doors and stony silences,

                                                              to moments so dark that it feels like

                                                              slimy fingers are wrapped around your throat,

                                                              and to moments so bright

                                                              that it feels like

                                                              you’ve swallowed a dish full of breezy sunlight,

                                                              and nothing,


                                                              can hurt you.

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