Young Writers Project: Simplicity

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Olivia writes: "This poem was inspired
by the concept that in a world of light, love goes unseen. Although, to a soul that has
experienced darkness and pain, love stands out and is more powerful. I am inspired by my

Olivia Pintair
Seventh Grade, Lake Champlain Waldorf School

It echoes like love in a sinner’s soul
Wandering through the thickness of pride.
It had decorated itself in tassels and lace,
so as to make it appear more complicated.
Even so, confusion is a small embellishment
compared to the intricacy it visits.
Love is simple, really.
Woven from light,
like the sun or the space between the
and its face is hollow and plain.
The simplicity mocks those who dwell solely
inside themselves,
Yearning for the secret concealed within the
And this love who passes through;
it tries to serve their greedy questions,
For it can no longer blend with them.
It speaks with the voice of purity,
But the truth is not enough.
And the truth will never be enough
when the truth can’t be conjured from those
who crave it.


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