Young Writers Project: Puns

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This poem was
written for a prompt which was titled ‘Puns.’ Claire writes, "I’ve always found
cheesy puns funny- but I’ve always assumed that’s not an opinion shared by a
lot of people."

by Claire MacQueen
Eighth Grade, Edmunds Middle School

Please don’t leaf me.
All you say is we need to branch out,
we wooden be good for each other.
Yew with your need to be poplar,
Board without sprucing up everything,
Sometimes, you make me sycamore.
You saw this coming. You axed for it.
You say
You say it’s my deciduous.
That I’m the root of the problem,
That all I am is shady,
That I should just leaf.
I, I wooden have expected this
What did you think I was fir? Your amusement?
I’m stumped.
But, I will go out on a limb,
to try to please you, so
Please don’t pack your
Please don’t leaf me.

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