Young Writers Project: Magician Boy

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Neisha writes: "Magician Boy is a poem I wrote about my boyfriend who I have been with since February. My inspiration to write it didn’t come from just confessing our love though. I hadn’t been able to write poems in months and while I was reading one of Francesca Lia Block’s books (my favorite author), it just hit me. I just had the urge to write. So this poem is a mixture of an urge to write, encouraged by reading books by my favorite author, and the new love that has sprouted between my other half and myself."

Magician Boy
By Neisha Surprise
Grade 12, Burlington High School

You have magicians hands,
weaving blankets of starry nights,
crystal rain drops,
and satin roses.
I lay in bed with you and watch as
white dawn touches your shoulders,
golden dust dances across your eyelids,
your hair glitters with topaz streaks.
I breath in the smoke of your voice,
hoarse with exhaustion,
you exhale sunshine,
your eyes are wet with lust.
I dance with you through the crimson
velvet of midnight,
our dreams connected through feverish
your hands are full of diamonds,
my eyes are made of emeralds,
butterfly wings form on our backs,
our fingers touch,
I am the river,
you are the sun,
we brace ourselves,
dazzling light blinding us as we dive
down together,
A rush of ecstasy passes between us,
And I know I am falling in love.

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