Young Writers Project: Fine Is An Ugly Word

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Clara Henderson, a freshman at The Sharon Academy:

" I am surrounded by talented people, who seem to knows what they want
to do in life. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder "How am I special?
What will I do with my life?" No one wants to be normal. So basically,
this poem is about finding what’s special about you, and the
determination to do something in your life.

Fine is an Ugly Word
It’s sad when you don’t feel special no more.
Makes your thoughts all jumbled
And your smile all sore.
Makes that mask you’ve been wearing
Feel just like your skin
And I’m not sure I like
This fake skin that I’m in.
And I’m not sure I like all these cellophane people
With their looking-glass thoughts
And their dirtied up steeples
Where they pray to get by for just one little day
Where they tidy up numbers, all wasting away
With their dreams and ambitions all kept in a drawer
All locked up and socked up till they don’t shine no more
I don’t wanna get by, I don’t wanna be fine
Like the cellophane people who don’t cross the line
From there gray little quarters to their dull little lives
With their prim little daughters and their prim little wives
So I wanna be messy and make people frown!
Well, its better than having it all upside down
In a neat little smile, in its sad little way
And I’m gonna be someone who’s special

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