Slam for the Slammed

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Julia Seaman, a sophomore at Hanover High School, says, "Writing, especially poetry, allows me to express my feelings and
thoughts in a way I can’t when I’m just talking. My truest voice comes
out when I write."

It’s the simple explanation
by Julia Seaman
Grade 10, Hanover High School

It’s the simple explanation
for this sluggish dying nation
the conundrum
of the humdrum
normal is as normal does
It’s the whining crying wanting
and the screaming dying haunting
of the storm clouds stewing silently
a poets muse of rain
You remember that old story
hidden gate — memento mori
theres a graveyard
and a boy
heather field, a color’s ploy
I’m a scribble
I’m a stumble
I’m the auditory mumble
of a broken bridge
and rushing water
Stars and moon
and son and daughter
Peace can’t come from violence
not a whimper, not a bang
I’ll show you a world of wonders
if you’ll save my drowning land

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