Soldier Stories

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The four hundred soldiers of Task Force Saber are part of the largest overseas deployment in the history of the Vermont National Guard. Now, after a year-long deployment most of them have returned to the U.S. VPR’s Steve Zind was at Camp Shelby in Mississippi as the first wave of returning soldiers stepped off the plane. Now VPR brings you their stories and experiences of war as they prepare to return home in our VPR Special Report, “Soldier Stories” this week during Morning Edition.

Click on the names below to hear their stories.

David Swan
David Swan of Chazy, New York describes one particular battle and talks about how his experiences in Iraq will stay with him.

Timothy Tanner
Timothy Tanner of Barre Town describes patrolling the Ramadi area in a tank. The work was hot and stressful.

Jordon Paquette
Jordan Paquette of Fairfax talks about his impressions of the town and its people and the lessons he learned during his deployment.

Steve Norcross
Steve Norcross of Essex Junction describes his job and the challenge of command.

Gabriel Bullard
Gabriel Bullard of Hyde Park talks about the bond between soldiers and the emotional toll of the war.

Damon Rooney
Damon Rooney of Craftsbury describes how he came to terms with taking a life while performing his duty.

JJ Bixby
We talk with JJ Bixby of Brandon about patrolling the streets of a town in Anbar Province.

Sebastian Szykier
Sebastian Szykier of Brattleboro talks about his experiences as a member of a tank crew near Ramadi.

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