Maple Sugar Time

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In 1978 Vermont Public Radio teamed up with NPR to produce the documentary, "Maple Sugar Time" for All Things Considered. The program looked at the maple sugaring industry from the perspective of the people who tap the trees, boil and can the sap. Crews visited sugarers in Vermont and New Hampshire to talk about what goes into making maple syrup, how much is produced and the cost and time involved in production.

They visited Washington, NH to look at early season tapping. In Acworth, NH they learned about the process of a tubing system that vacuums sap from trees. In Dummerston Center, VT a surgarer discusses his process of combining traditional buckets and poly bags. A family in Meriden N.H. gives some insight as to the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes of a maple operation that is crucial to getting the crop produced.

And Noel Perrin, author of the book, The Amateur Sugar Maker, talks about the "calling" to tap trees and make syrup that brought him from New York City to Vermont.

Tying all these stories together is "Maple Syrup Time", a song written and recorded for the program by folksinger, Pete Seeger.

On August 13, 2002 "Maple Sugar Time" was rebroadcast to celebrate Vermont Public Radio’s 25th anniversary.


Art Silverman is a producer for All Things Considered at NPR.  He began his broadcast career at VPR. Click on the "Listen" icon link under "Related Audio" to hear his memories about the production of "Maple Sugar Time."

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