Homeless in Vermont

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Homelessness is a persistent problem in Vermont, and it’s on the rise
among families with children. Our program looks at the changing face of homelessness,
and the growing number of families and working poor who are in need of shelter.
We also visit with homeless war veterans, talk with shelter providers, and
about the effort to address this troubling issue.

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Profile: The Vieu Family
The Vieu’s and their 11-month-old baby were living in a shelter when we met
them. VPR’s Lynne McCrea talks with Dan Vieu about what brought his
family to the shelter and what’s ahead.

John Fairbanks, The Vermont Housing Finance Agency
VPR’s Neal Charnoff talks with John Fairbanks about a special report
he’s compiling that aims to give a face to homelessness. We join Fairbanks
as he visits a shelter for young people and interviews a teenager about the
experience of being homeless.

Homeless Vets
With the nation at war on two fronts, the problem of veterans
who are homeless is expected to grow. VPR’s Nina Keck finds that there
are Vermont veterans who are falling through the cracks.

Addressing Homelessness
We hear from a shelter provider, a housing advocate and a state official about
why homelessness persists in Vermont, and what efforts are underway to address
this troubling issue.

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