Fair People

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They converge at this time of year to show us the glory of the harvest and the excitement of the midway. Whether it’s working the ox pulls, driving teams of Belgians, or driving a car in the demolition derby, they do their part to carry on fair traditions. Join VPR as we travel to different Vermont fairs and spend some time learning about the people behind the fun.


 (To hear the interviews and commentaries, click on the links provided)


Lucian Paquette, Addison County Fair & Field Days

Lucien Paquette founded the Addison County Fair & Field Days in 1948. He shares his memories of that first Field Day, talks about how things have changed over the years and about creating the hand mowing contest. 



Kirsten Beaudry, Cornish Fair

Kirsten Beaudry is 13-years-old and lives on a farm in Walpole New Hampshire. She got involved in 4-H four years ago and is at the Cornish Fair this year showing her heifer. 



Tim Bernard, Deerfield Valley Farmers Days

Today in our series on fair people, we hear from Tim Bernard of Jacksonville. He’s a longtime competitor in the Demolition Derby, a big draw at the Deerfield Valley Farmers Days in Wilmington.


Ethel Turner, Champlain Valley Fair

Today we speak with somone who works behind the scenes. Ethel Turner keeps the women’s lavatories clean at the Champlain Valley Fair. She’s worked many different fairs but considers Champlain Valley one of the nicest. 


Frank Bruce, Bondville Fair

Frank Bruce is a retired farmer from Wallingford. He judges ox pulls at several Vermont fairs. We found him near the pulling track at the far end of the Bondville Fairgrounds.

Louis Figueroa, Vermont State Fair

We caught up with Louis Figueroa at the Vermont State Fair in Rutland, where he was wearing a red plaid jacket and a big smile. He’s been a fixture at the fair for almost 50 years, enticing people to try their luck at knocking over the wooden cats with a baseball. 

Tyke Frost, Caledonia County Fair

In conclusion of our "Fair People" series, we have the story of Tyke Frost, who drives a team of six Belgian horses at county fairs all over the east. Frost learned his horse-handling skills from his father and grandfather.  


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