Retired General Anthony Zinni

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Retired Marine General Anthony Zinni offers his views on what he calls “the
new world disorder.” He provides a historic perspective to military strategy
over the years and comments on current strategy. He contends that our “new
world” started not with 9/11, but with the collapse of the Soviet Union
following the end of the Cold War. And that we as a nation, do not yet fully
understand it. He spoke on December 6, 2006 – the day the Iraq Study
Group produced a report saying the U.S.’ policy in Iraq had failed.

From 1997 to 2000, General Anthony Zinni was the top U.S. military commander
in the Middle East. After his retirement, he was named special Envoy for the
U.S. to the Israel and Palestinian Authority. Zinni describes himself as “a
simple soldier.” But he’s held multiple key, strategic leadership
roles in every corner of the world including Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Turkey,
the Balkens and the former Soviet Union. He’s the author of two books-
the most recent “A Battle for Peace.”

Recorded live December 6, 2006 at the Unitarian Church in Montpelier, in collaboration
with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library and the Vermont Humanities Council.

A collaboration of VPR and the Vermont
Humanities Council

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