Yankee sale set to close today

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(Host) Dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s”. That what a Vermont Yankee spokesman says utility executives are doing today as the clock winds down toward tonight’s deadline to sell the nuclear plant.

On Tuesday, utility regulators in Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont swept aside last minute challenges to the deal, which is expected to close by midnight tonight.

In Maine, regulators refused to open an investigation into an agreement that will pay the plant’s out-of-state owners for their share of decommissioning funds. Massachusetts regulators also declined to block the Yankee deal. And in Vermont, the Public Service Board denied a request by anti-nuclear groups to halt the sale while their appeal is heard.

Yankee and Entergy executives are in Boston today where they are finalizing the sale documents. A Yankee spokesman says he’s optimistic the deal will close by the time the sale contract expires at midnight.

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