Yankee Radiation Level Requires Federal Notice

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A spokesman for Vermont’s only nuclear plant says the level of radiation found in a monitoring well is enough to require notifying federal regulators, though it does not pose a public health risk.

Rob Williams of Vermont Yankee says levels of a radioactive isotope called tritium reached 32,000 picocuries per liter in test results engineers recorded Sunday. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires written notice within 30 days when the level reaches 30,000 picocuries per liter. Picocuries indication amounts of radiation.

Williams says a second test shows the level has fallen below that threshold.

He says no elevated levels of tritium have been found in samples from drinking water wells or in the Connecticut River water. The plant is located along the west bank of the river in Vernon.

Vermont Yankee faces scrutiny as the Legislature decides whether to extend its license, set to expire in 2012.

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