Wrench-Attack Victim Sues Attacker

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A propane delivery man who was nearly bludgeoned to death by a mentally ill man with a wrench is suing his attacker.

Mike Kuligoski was attacked in 2011 by 23-year-old Evan Rapoza while working on a furnace in a St. Johnsbury apartment building. Charges against Rapoza were dropped after he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and sent to a state mental health hospital.

The Caledonian Record reports that Kuligoski has filed a suit against Rapoza and his parents seeking damages. The suit claims that Rapoza’s parents knew their son was dangerous when he came to work with his father at the apartment house and failed to warn or protect Kuligoski.

The suit says Kuligoski can never work again and will require medical attention the rest of his life.

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