Word for Word – Cheryl Brown Henderson

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Last week, the University of Vermont hosted a symposium on the legacy of the school desegregation court case, Brown v. Board of Education. The daughter of the lead plaintiff in the case, Cheryl Brown Henderson, was on campus to participate in the forum. In a speech to students and faculty, she said the Supreme Court’s 1954 decision was an important step in bridging the gap between the theory of democracy, and the way it had been practiced.

Today in “Word for Word,” an excerpt from Cheryl Brown Henderson’s speech, given from the podium of the Ira Allen Chapel at
UVM. (To hear the excerpt, click on the “Listen” icon.)

VPR listeners can hear Henderson’s upcoming talk to the National Press Club on Wednesday, April 28 at 1:00 p.m.

“Word for Word” is an occasional feature of VPR in which we broadcast extended comments by newsmakers.

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