Wood pellet stoves becoming harder to find

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(Host) High demand and bad weather have made it difficult for many Vermonters who want to heat their homes with wood this winter.

A lot of people are interested in buying wood pellet stoves to replace or supplement their oil or gas heating systems.

Richard Moskwa of the Stove and Flag Works store in Montpelier says it’s difficult to buy a pellet stove right now.

He says both of the stove makers that supply his store have back orders into next year.

(Moskwa) “Although we are thinking of adding other manufacturers later in the year, that’s probably going to be some time in November. So, in the short term, yes, there appears to be a shortage of pellet stoves.”

(Host) Even people who want to use traditional wood stoves have found it difficult to find fire wood for the coming winter.

Moskwa says that’s because of the weather.

(Moskwa) “It’s a hard year for the people cutting wood to get wood out. And it’s been so wet it’s hard for it to dry, air dry. 20 percent’s going to be a dream for a lot of people this year in terms of the dryness of the wood they’re burning.”

(Host) But Moskwa says it’s worth the effort. He says people who rely on wood will be able to save a lot of money this year.

He says dry firewood is selling for about 225 dollars a cord. Comparing BTUs  that would be about half the cost of fuel oil.




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