Woman arraigned on four arson charges

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(Host) A Williamstown resident has been charged with arson in connection with a string of camp arsons this summer in Washington and Orange counties.

Cheryl Bador was arraigned Friday afternoon on four counts of first-degree arson and one count of unlawful mischief. According to court documents, three of the fires were set on July 17 in Tunbridge and Chelsea. The fourth fire was set on July 30 in Corinth. The unlawful mischief charge involves shots that were fired into a parked car on August 16 in the town of Washington.

Assistant Attorney General Cindy Maguire would not comment on a motive because the prosecution is pending:

(Maguire) “I can tell you that the Vermont State Police and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department worked together in the investigation and that there were certain items that led them to the conclusion that Miss Bador had participated in those. And those include some of the items found in the affidavit as well as several witnesses identifying a car that matched the description of a car that she would drive.”

(Host) There are still nine other fires under investigation. Maguire said that there appears to be some evidence to link Bador as a suspect in those cases. Bador has not been charged in those arson cases.

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