Windsor Voters Well Informed

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(Host) Windsor voters turned out in a steady stream at the American Legion Hall on Court Street Tuesday.

VPR’s Betty Smith visited the polls and found that some people think the electorate is becoming better informed.

(Smith) Marianne A. Blake assisted at the polls in Windsor on Tuesday. While attendance at the Monday night informational meeting was about average, Blake says there wasn’t very much debate. But she doesn’t think the lack of discussion necessarily indicates voter apathy.

Instead, she thinks Windsor voters today are much more well-informed that they have been in the past. There is news coverage by three daily newspapers, a local weekly paper and a public access television station:

(Blake) "I have people come up on the street and talk to me about town business ¿ that never have in ten years. And people I’ve never seen at a board meeting, so even though they don’t come out of their homes they’re far, far better informed now. When they come here and go behind that curtain and that, that can’t be anything but good."

(Smith) Blake didn’t have long to talk, as a steady stream of voters filed through the small auditorium toward the voting booths. Blake assisted each voter with the striped red, white and blue curtains, as voters of all ages cast their votes for town officers, the town budget and a dozen smaller appropriations.

For Vermont Public Radio, I’m Betty Smith.

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