Winds Contribute To Flood Damage

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(Host) There’s some wild weather in store for the region this afternoon and evening.

And it’s likely to make flooding along the Lake Champlain shoreline even worse.

Strong winds whip up waves on the lake, which is still above flood level. The waves cause erosion, and also slam into lakeside homes and roads.

Steve Goodkind is the public works director in Burlington. He says southerly winds caused problems earlier this week, and today’s westerly winds are also a problem.

(Goodkind) "We’re very exposed from the west. We’re exposed from the south and very exposed from the west. I don’t know which is worst. But there’s very little protection. We do have a breakwater that shields some of Burlington‘s inner harbor from a west and somewhat a southerly wind. But it’s submerged right now, so it’s really unclear what effect that’s going to have."

(Host) The challenge is primarily on the northern end of the lake. Any shoreline that faces into the wind is under the biggest threat.

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