Wilmington Reeling From Flood Damage

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(Host) The southern Vermont town of Wilmington is reeling from the flooding.

Wilmington police and fire departments are both underwater and currently are being assisted by those agencies in Dover.

Downtown Wilmington businesses have sustained major damage. Many buildings, including some recently renovated structures, have been damaged by at least one foot of water.

Laura Sibilia is the Executive Director of the Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce.

(Sibilia) "The National Guard is here. Unfortunately they’ve had to do a lot of traffic control in downtown Wilmington because the devastation is so unbelievable, of course a lot of people want to go and look at it."

(Host) Damage to Routes 9 and 100 make it impossible for residents to get directly to Bennington or Brattleboro. Sibilia says the flooding has dragged debris onto the roads, making driving treacherous.

(Sibilia) "I drove by the top of a barn in the middle of the road and had to navigate around a huge propane tank, sitting next to it."

(Host) Wilmington was also the town where Vermont’s first death was reported that was blamed on the storm.

20-year-old Ivana Taseva, of Macedonia, was swept away in the floodwaters of the Deerfield River on Sunday.

Police say Taseva was in southern Vermont on a work program at the Mount Snow ski area in Dover.

Sibilia says the town is still in a state of shock.

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